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Download Categories
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MCCC Constitution, By-Laws, and Operating Guidelines
These documents provide the guide for the management of the MCCC club business, competition rules, and other key information related to competitions in general.
Member Guide - Preparing For Competition
The Member Guide is a key document and contains tips to help members get started with the submission of images to both the Print and Digital competitions
Board Meeting Minutes
This section contains board meeting minutes for each year.
Greater Detroit Camera Club Council Member Moveups
Contains competition level advancement for Greater Detroit Camera Club Council for members by year.
Assignment Lists All Years
This folder contains the assignment categories for each club year for Assignment Division
New Membership Form
Each new member to complete these forms: A. New Membership Form B. Liability Release Form C. Receive a Welcome Letter A new member provides the MCCC club fee at the same time as the forms in this section are completed.
Photography Tips
Useful Information related to Photography
Administrative Section
This section contains various documents essential to the completion of various tasks for the MCCC Club.

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