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Download Categories
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Assignment List. Membership Dues.
Enter one image in DPD and Print. All members compete at the same level.
Competition Rules and Guidelines
Digital Projection (DPD) and Print Rules and Guidelines. Scoring Guidelines.
01-Color Creative DPD
(CC) (altered reality images excluding monochrome)
02-Color General DPD
03-Monochrome General DPD
including nature or creative
04-Nature DPD
05-Color Prints
color image printed by the photographer using any available process or commercially printed; hand colored images; digital prints including manipulation. Clip art is not allowed.
06-Monochrome Prints
Printed by the photographer using any available process. No additional color in B&W, toning allowed.
1 image can be entered and includes CG (Color General), CC (Color creative) or MG (Monochrome General).
08-End of Year (EOY) Competition
Up to 6 images may be entered into each of 4 DPD and 2 Print categories. Images must have been entered into the current MCCC year, but need not have been winners
09-MCCC Competition Results
EOY Winners, Move-Ups, Club Points, Member Levels
10-Club Newsletters
Monthly Newsletters
Information about AIR opportunities
Board Meeting Minutes
Minutes for MCCC officers meetings
MCCC Constitution
Constitution, By-laws and attachments
Membership Form
Membership forms - DOC to edit each year; PDF to post to website
PCS How To's
Instructions for Uploading Images, Judging and more
Procedures for MCCC
Includes procedures for club operations. Available to administrators only.
.jpg 256K
Image: logo
Available for download by: Everyone
Last Updated: 3/21/2013 4:48 PM EDT by Gil Shaw
.jpg 87K
Image: Logo est 1937
Available for download by: Everyone
Last Updated: 9/13/2015 1:52 PM EDT by Gil Shaw
.doc 24K
Document: Native Michigan Plants and Flowers
Available for download by: Everyone
Last Updated: 4/26/2013 7:20 PM EDT by Jan Sherman

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